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Subject:RE: DJ Neil.
Time:02:05 pm
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Well, Neil was a guest DJ on Phantom FM last night, for three hours. It was on their website so you can download it but until they do or for people who may have missed it, heres what Neil played and any little comments he made on his choice of song-

(I apologise if I spelt any of these wrong- I never heard of a good bunch of these before last night and sometimes i couldnt quite understand what Neil was saying.)

1. M- Pop Music: "The greatest pop song ever written."
2. Pugwash- Nice to be Nice.
3. Belle and Sebastien- The Blues are Still Blue: "Reminds me of sitting by a pool in Spain."
4. Edith Piaf- L'amour.
5. Elvis Costello- I Dont Want To Go To Chelsea.
6. Ride- Chelsea Girl.
7. Scott Walker- Matilda, Boychild and Night Flights.
8. ELO- Rockarina: "This is one of my favourite bands and soon they shall be one of yours."
9. Adam and the Ants- Stand and Deliver.
10. Ben Folds- The Ascent of Stan: "This is in honour of Stan Staunton."
11. Pixies- Debaser.
12. Nina Simone- Pirate Jenny (Live).
13. Japan- Ghosts.
14. Tom Layer- Oedepius Rex.
15. Roxy Music- Same Old Scene.
16. Goldfrapp- Oh La La: "This is the sexiest modern female artist."
17. Making Plans For Nigel- ?
18. Pulp- Underwear, Misshapes and E's and Wizz.
19. Grace Jones- Slave to the Rhythm: "She's adorable. Heeeeeere's Grace!!!"
20. The Tigger Song: "This is for my daughter, Willow."
21. Francois Ardi- Je Changerai d'avis.
22. Steely Dan.
23. Petulia Clarke: *Neil starts singing along* "It was inevitable. I would end up performing at some point."
24. Scritti Pollitti- A Little Knowledge: "This will make you weep."
25. Aster Diezola- Oblivion.
26. Sebastian Tellier- Le Ritionel.
27. Simon and Garfunkel- Dangling Conversation.
28. Rufus Wainwright- Poses: "I adore Rufus.And im man enough to say that!"
29. Dinah Washington- Mad About the Boy: "In honour of Rufus."
30. Everybody Wants to be A Cat: "I want to be a dog."
31. Joy Division.
32. Sigur Ros.

He also got some odd requests in: "Led Zeppelin? You clearly don't know me at all."
He berated people for using text speak: "Commas, capital letters, they're all the rage!"
He also said: "You can imagine me sitting here in my underwear if you want to."

Having Neil as a DJ was a genius idea. Also, I quite lliked his choices of music.
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Time:2007-10-26 07:57 am (UTC)
ooops, thanks for the correction!!

Ubfortunately on the post I made, a line of text got cut of. I meant to say- "I dont know if this is up on their website yet." sorry. I'd say it will be soon though.
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Time:2007-10-25 10:49 pm (UTC)
ditto - i want to download this as well.
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Time:2007-10-25 11:12 pm (UTC)
someone recorded the entire thing. You can find it on this thread:
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Time:2007-10-26 10:49 pm (UTC)
sweet, thanks a lot!
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