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neilhannon's Journal

The Divine Comedy Community
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This community is for fans of The Divine Comedy, the name under which the talented composer and musician Neil Hannon performs. Please feel free to join and post about TDC gigs, musicians with whom Neil has performed (for instance Ben Folds and Ute Lemper), lyrics you particularly like... As long as it's vaguely TDC related, anything goes.

Latest News!

The Divine Comedy have been nominated for two prizes at The Meteor Awards, including Best Irish Band. This one can be voted on by the public, so get clicking!

The Divine Comedy has also been nominated for a Best Album award from Choice Music Awards. This is a very prestigious Irish prize!

The Divine Comedy's most recent album is Victory For The Comic Muse, available all over the place if you're from the UK, though overseas fans might find it most easily here. You can get official downloads here.

Useful links

For more information on Neil Hannon, try here: some background information; and there's a message board here.


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