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Apparently Neil helped out his Pugwash friends on their new album, out now. I'm so gonna get that one, Pugwash do good things with a melody anyway, and Neil just sweetens the deal. I think the band is gigging in the not too distant future, and Neil may show up, too.
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A few things:

1. I have recently learned, from a brief over-the-phone radio interview, that Neil is putting a "depressing German one man theater piece" to music, on top of composing Swallows & Amazons (which, BTW, he is more than half-way through).

2. You can listen to his acoustic (guitar) rendition of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing that he played on Across the Line HERE (just scroll down).

3. If you feel you are lacking in a proper DC/Hannon lj icon, do stop by tdc_icons or my icon journal, fantasmicon --because really I'm the only one who's posted on tdc_icons yet! And I've got loads more yet to post as well, so come by, say hello, take an icon if you wish. Because TDC needs to be represented more, and an icon is a nice, fun way of doing that!

That's all. Happy holidays everyone!
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Neil Hannon in Duke Special's new single

Thought I'd get in before anyone else does, heh.

Duke Special, who supported TDC during their last tour, has just released a new single, Our Love Goes Deeper Than This, which is currently on Duke's Myspace.

Neil sings additional vocals, and is quite prominently featured in it; he's also in the music video, which is utterly brilliant. :)

(Apologies for my lack of coherence, it's rather late. Hope I've got the links right.)
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Beware! Take care!

A warning to eager fans who miss some Hannon musical goodness: If you read an article about a new DC album in the works, it is not true. Neil is a good friend of Thomas Walsh of the musical outfit Pugwash, and they are recording their new album at the moment, with Neil as one of the core instrumentalists. For more information, click HERE.


Hopefully this hasn't already been mentioned. If it has, I can't find it, hehe.

Apparently Neil is no longer signed by Parlophone :O

This was pointed out to me by someone (I can't get hold of the full article, sorry) - from what I can gather from the official website he left them quite some time ago but it's only just been made public.

I can't decide if I'm pleased that it's a new start for him post-Choice award, or a little worried that he doesn't have a label behind him...

Any thoughts?
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This sure is a question that has been asked before but...
How and when did you first listen to TDC?

It's just that since he's won the Choice Music Prize I tend to think (and wouldn't that be nice in way?)that Neil might gain even more fans. Even though I couldn't follow him from the beginning I still think it's sad that in his home country and in France and in some countries.. nada!
But as soon as everyone starts to want a piece of him I'm gonna give in to the incredibly chuldish urge to say "But I have been a fan for years already!" XD
My reasons to get to know the fans that have been around even before I have, so to say.

Heh, ignore this if you wish.


First! For the first time in about two years (!) I have updated the userinfo - see here for some latest news links, including some awards Neil is up for.

Second! A community challenge - a competition for someone who can make a header for the community to spice the place up a bit! Matching icon a bonus. Anyone up for it? You will of course be credited in the userinfo and showered in plaudits.